Sometimes it’s the little things that can add up to make a big difference. In our latest update, we’ve packed in loads of small tweaks that we hope will help improve your workflow.

When you open a notebook, you’ll notice we’ve moved the ‘Page overview’ button up to the sidebar menu, making it even easier to navigate your documents and notes, or skip between different pages.

We’ve also added 15 new languages to the keyboard, introduced a long-press for typing special characters, plus support for opening and viewing password-protected PDFs, and improved the highlighter too.

Learn how reMarkable rolls out…

We’re excited to announce our latest software, which adds one of our most requested features. Pinch to zoom gives you finer control in your documents, putting the power in your hands to change the magnification, and move across pages.

A new and seamless way of magnifying your work

In addition to this intuitive new gesture, we’ve improved the look and feel of PDFs and ebooks on your paper tablet. …

International cover of TIME

reMarkable 2, the next-generation paper tablet, has just found its way into TIME as part of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020 list.

We’re incredibly proud to be included alongside some of the world’s best products. TIME is undoubtedly one of the largest, and most reputable, publications in the media landscape, so to see recognition from them is as humbling as it is exciting.

The coverage focuses on reMarkable’s mission to create better paper, and highlights reMarkable 2’s improvements over its predecessor, namely the 4.7 mm thin design and two week battery life.

Each year TIME turns the spotlight on innovations…

At reMarkable we want to help people think better through technology. So naturally, we’re inspired by the thought leaders, field experts, and great thinkers of the world.

We think podcaster, author, and former Apple chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki sits comfortably in that category. Through his podcast Remarkable People, Guy is also in touch with a long list of the world’s foremost thinkers. People like Jane Goodall, Margaret Atwood, Kristi Yamaguchi, Stephen Wolfram, Sal Khan, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Steve Wozniak.

Guy has implemented reMarkable in his workflow, and uses his reMarkable 2 while conducting interviews and recording the podcast.

This is the third chapter in our Inside reMarkable 2 series, documenting the creation of reMarkable 2, the world’s thinnest tablet. Chapter 1 can be found here, and chapter 2 here.

reMarkable Chief Design Officer Mats Herding Solberg.

Between the sheets

During the development of reMarkable 2, chief design officer Mats Herding kept a very interesting spreadsheet. In it, Herding documented the thinness of every component slated for the device in millimeters, down to four decimal places.

“Just a flex cable for example,” he says. “We had to know it would be 0.6745 millimeters thin.”

“Once we had a rough list of all the components, we had to go through…

Read on reMarkable is now live and ready to go.

Reading articles from your favorite websites can now be done without notifications or distractions. Just click the button in your Chrome browser, and your article will appear on your paper tablet. Easy.

Read web articles on your reMarkable with a click.

Once set up, Read on reMarkable offers a new way to consume your favorite blogs, news stories, or long-form content. …

This is the second chapter in our Inside reMarkable 2 series, documenting the creation of reMarkable 2, the world’s thinnest tablet. Chapter 1 can be found here, and chapter 3 here.

Brynjar Barkarson, VP Design — UX Applications and Didrik Rasmussen, VP Design — Visual

Balancing act

How do you take something really simple, and make it better not by adding more, but by stripping it down?

It’s a question reMarkable’s VP of user experience, Brynjar Barkarson, and VP of visual design, Didrik Rasmussen, often need to consider. For them, improving the user experience (UX) is about finding the right balance between modern functionality, and simplicity.

Paper is so simple, and doesn’t distract, so it’s perfect…

This is the first chapter in our Inside reMarkable 2 series, documenting the creation of reMarkable 2, the world’s thinnest tablet. Chapter 2 can be found here, and chapter 3 here.

reMarkable CEO and founder Magnus Wanberg.

Liquid technology

If you took a plain white sheet of paper, and held it by one of the long sides, then dipped it slowly, carefully, just a centimeter or so into a bubbling vat of liquid technology, you might end up with reMarkable 2.

Holding up your creation as if it were a portrait, you’d now see an aluminum spine on the left side, binding the paper like a futuristic notebook…

reMarkable software update 2.2 introduces trash and swipe down to close, two important new additions to the user experience.

Trash functions much as you might expect, reducing the likelihood of files or documents getting deleted accidentally, while also making it easier to retrieve deleted files if you happen to change your mind.

More people are working from home than ever before, and technology use is changing in order to keep up.

As the office finds its way into people’s living rooms, ironing boards are becoming standing desks, and private nooks are becoming public broadcasting stations.

The way we work is being redefined, from the rising popularity of whiteboarding apps and clever project management solutions, to the emergence of cardboard desks and makeshift footstools. So with the help of our creative Facebook and Instagram friends, we’ve cataloged a few timely work-from-home tips of our own.

Notes everywhere

One thing came through loud and clear when…


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